PDF Content Split SA

PDF Content Split SA 4.01

Automatically splitting the document up for you on text

PDF Content Split SA is standalone software that searches given words in the text within a PDF file and divides the document according to your needs. Let us suppose you need to split a PDF document that includes a list of consecutive invoices, reports or a payroll. If you just provide the textual information, like an email address, or an account number, this software will automatically mark the page ranges and split the original document into separate files correspondingly.

Several splitting rules may be used, like splitting on a word, extracting until the searched word is found, or splitting according to the position on the page. More complex rules can be created and saved as setup files.

The innumerable available options include dynamic naming of the output files using text within the documents with a prefix or postfix related to the original file name. You can also select the folder where the resulting files are to be saved or limit the output file size. The program includes email options for sending the resulting files as message attachments.

What is more, PDF Content Split can also be run on the command line.

Pedro Castro
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  • The software does not require Adobe Acrobat install
  • It offers various ways to execute the split
  • It allows batch processing of files


  • The software interface is not very easy to use
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